Puss moth - Iain Leach

Further details and beautiful images are in our colourful leaflets, which can be downloaded from the list below. These leaflets on garden moths, day-flying moths and caterpillars contain many colourful photographs and are very useful for identifying the species you are most likely to come across. 

There are also downloadable factsheets on how to start mothing, Identifying moths, the lives of moths and moth conservation.

Detailed information on what is happening to moths is available in a series of reports published by Butterfly Conservation, including The State of Britain's Larger Moths 2021, all of which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Scientific papers:

Moth caterpillar numbers reduced by street lights (2021, Science Advances)

Light pollution impacts on moths (2021, Insect Conservation and Diversity).

Patterns of moth biodiversity change around the world (2021, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

Scottish moth abundance and distribution indicators (2019, Journal of Insect Conservation).

Street lights disrupt pollination by moths (2017, Global Change Biology).

Review of moths as pollinators (2015, Ecological Entomology)

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Review of causes of moth declines (2013, Insect Conservation and Diversity)

For identification guides and other books on moths, see the booklist in the bibliography section.