Welcome to Butterfly Conservation's nature reserves and recommended sites for butterflies and moths.

The re-opening of our reserves and facilities is being undertaken in a phased, controlled manner in order to maintain the safety of visitors and protect those staff, contractors and volunteers who have to look after grazing stock or maintain the reserves. Closure or restrictions may also need to be reinstated if social distancing is not being practiced or other activities are compromising safety of BC workers and visitors or are impacting on the site. Please check BC reserve and Branch webpages for more details before visiting and obey any signage. Many of our reserves do not have proper parking facilities with enough space to allow for social distancing at busy times. We strongly advise against visiting any popular reserve if you are particularly vulnerable.

Butterfly Conservation currently has over 30 Nature Reserves - all havens for butterflies, moths and other wildlife. Volunteers in our Branches manage most of our reserves and everyone is welcome to join in with the events and work parties on these interesting sites.

Most of our reserves are open to visitors at all times, many are designated Open Countryside or have Public Rights of Way. For those reserves with visiting arrangements limited for safety or conservation reasons, see individual site details. 

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