UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
uses the transect recording method.

A TRANSECT is a fixed-route weekly walk, typically 1-3km, lasting 30-90mins.
Volunteers record butterflies in a 5m band in suitable weather in the 26 weeks Apr-Sep, 10.45-15.45.
Transects are often shared.
If weeks are missed, the online programme may estimate values from other counts.
A tailored field-sheet is provided and data is easily entered online.

Surrey transects results

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  • Sort by species to see their sites & flight periods
  • Sort by sites to see their species
  • See your own records at a glance

To view the latest data

  1. Go to
  2. Login Surrey branch,
    pw Br1mst0ne (cap B, one & zero)
  3. Go to ReportingAnnual Summary
  4. Select year
  5. Filter by recorder: All recorders
  6. Site type: Transect
  7. Filter by site: All sites
    Note option to Include non-butterfly species (if any)
  8. After data has loaded, select a site and note view/download options.
  9. Summary Chart tab has species options at the bottom.

To view sites in detail

Go to
Select a site.
At the bottom of the screen, select:
Species list - to view all butterflies
More - to view the butterfly's site data
Species count - to view each year

Adonis Blue: UK details
Adonis Blue: Denbies Landbarn B
Denbies Landbarn B: all butterflies

Transect volunteers are always needed.
Please contact Bill Downey

Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey

Monitors butterfly abundance in the wider countryside away from hot-spots.
The scheme is run in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology.
The 41 random squares allocated to Surrey (Vice-county 17)
are in the Surrey Skipper.
July & August, with at least 10 days between visits;
optional further two visits in May & June.
Walk the fixed transect, 10.45-15.45
in good weather.
Submit records online HERE
Full details: WCBS website
Anyone with good identification skills.
Please contact Bill Downey