Surrey's 44 butterflies

Widespread 22
Brimstone, Brown Argus, Comma,
Common Blue, Essex Skipper, Gatekeeper,
Green-veined White, Holly Blue, Large Skipper,
Large White, Meadow Brown, Orange-tip,
Peacock, Purple Hairstreak, Red Admiral,
Ringlet, Small Copper, Small Heath,
Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell,
Small White, Speckled Wood 

Heaths 2 Grayling, Silver-studded Blue
Migrants 2 Clouded Yellow, Painted Lady
Unofficial release 3
Glanville Fritillary: 2001 Wrecclesham Sandpit, 2011 Hutchinson's Bank
Black Hairstreak: spreading since 2020 discovery at Epsom Common
Duke of Burgundy: 2020 Chapel Bank

Restricted 15
AB Adonis Blue PE Purple Emperor
BH Brown Hairstreak SSS Silver-spotted Skipper
ChB Chalkhill Blue SWF Silver-washed Fritillary
DGF Dark Green Fritillary SB Small Blue
DS Dingy Skipper WA White Admiral
GH Green Hairstreak WLH White-letter Hairstreak
GS Grizzled Skipper WW Wood White
MW Marbled White  
Key sites for Surrey's rarer butterflies
Ashtead Common   y           y y   y   y    
Bookham Common   y             y   y   y y  
Box Hill y y y y y y y y y y y y y y  
Chiddingfold Forest, incl Oaken Wood   y     y y y y   y   y   y
Denbies Hillside y y y y y y y y   y          
Howell Hill           y       y   y  
Hutchinson's Bank
& Chapel Bank
  y   y y y y y     y   y  
Newlands Corner
& Albury Downs 
  y y y y y y y   y y        
Pewley Down   y y   y y y y       y      
Sheepleas   y y y y y y y  y   y     y  

Esher Common
Elms1, Elms2, Elms3
three maps produced in 2015
by Dave PageElmbridge BC
Countryside Estates Officer,
showing location of elms,
foodplant of the White-letter Hairstreak.

LOST, with year of last record
*indicates subsequent short-lived releases
2007 Pearl-bordered Fritillary*
1997 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary*
1997 Duke of Burgundy*
1990s Wall Brown odd records since
1970s Marsh Fritillary*
1960s High Brown Fritillary

Nearest regions for GB's other species
Kent Heath Fritillary
Sussex Duke of Burgundy, Wall Brown,
Pearl & Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries,
Black Hairstreak: introduced 1970s, rediscovered 2017
NE Hants Marsh Fritillary: reintroduced 2018
Isle of Wight Glanville Fritillary
Norfolk Swallowtail
West Country High Brown Fritillary,
Large Blue, Lulworth Skipper
North Chequered Skipper, Large Heath,
Mountain Ringlet, Northern Brown Argus,
Scotch Argus